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Meeval is a Malayalam mystery thriller short film.
John who sets out on a trip with no plans lands at a strange place, Narimala. Meeval takes us through the experience that John comes across at this very mysterious place.

Screenplay | Cuts | Direction - Davis Babu { }
Producers - Tincy,Disney Babu,Varghese TT,
Anitta T Bastian,Michael Chembola
Story - Sachin V Biju
Director of Photography - Akhil Manikandan
Chief Associate Director - Jophy Abraham
SFX | Mixing | Mastering - Akshay Raj
BGM | Music - Noyal Jacob
Vocals - Ben Varghese | Nafisa Haniya
Lyrics - Albert Mathew Paul
Art - Govind Surendran | Prudhu
VFX - Amal Joy | John William
Stunts - Prudhu
DI - Govind Surendran
Asst Director - Thejus Shaji
Stills - Devakrishnan M | Nikhil Rajeev
Trailer cuts - Priju Ickilachan
Production Executive - Sibin Benson

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